The Most Famous Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

Undoubtedly, 918KISS is the best Android APK and iOS mobile slot game in Malaysia, following the success of its predecessor – SCR888. Why would I say so? Everything inside the game application is exactly the same. There is nothing different if you were to compare 918KISS with SCR888.
We have already witnessed the rapid development in SCR888 over the past two years, and it’s expected to have the same miracle on 918KISS. Today, it has already more than 130 mobile slot games for selection. We foresee more quality slot games will be produced this year, and we might see more than 200 slot games in 918KISS towards the end of 2019.

Easy Slot Game, High Winning Payout, And Big Jackpots

SCR888 has been widely recognized for its simplicity in terms of slot game design. This is gonna be the same in 918KISS. It’s so easy to play that even a 5-years-old kid would understand its slot games. Without spending much time to learn how to play its game, it is highly popular amongst the Malaysian online gambling community.
Its winning payout will remain the highest in the local online casino industry. The general rule of thumb: players would choose to play the easiest-to-win mobile slot game. This is why it will continue to have the most number of slot game players in Malaysia.
Besides, its huge progressive jackpots up to millions ringgit will be the big fat attractions to all of us. Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire? With 918KISS, your dream might come true overnight at your fingertips.

Reputable Mobile Slot Games For Fun.

Despite the fact that most of its slot games are actually copied from its main competitors, for instance, Playtech. 918KISS has actually been doing even better than the original game creator. Today, it houses most of the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia. Below is a short list of some of its best slot games:
1. Highway Kings
2. Wukong
3. Great Blue
4. Cherry Love
5. Dolphin Reef
6. Three Kingdoms
7. Feng Shen
8. Boy King
9. Safari Heat
10. Panther Moon
11. Thai Paradise
12. Silver Bullet
13. Captain’s Treasure
14. Fortune Panda
15. Ocean King
16. Belangkai
17. Hulu Cock
18. Monkey Thunderbolt
19. King Derby
20. Motorbike
21. Laura
22. Aladdin
23. Pan Jin Lian
24. Money Fever
25. Fairy Garden
26. Circus
27. God of Wealth
28. Crystal
29. Graden
30. Tally Ho
31. Sea Captain
32. Pay Dirt
33. T-Rex
34. Golden Slut
35. Emperor Gate
36. India
37. Zhao Cai Jin Bao
38. Kimochi
39. Wong Choy
40. Great Stars
41. Spartan
42. Bonus Bears
43. Irish Luck
44. Golden Tour
45. A Night Out
Are you getting confused now? Don’t worry, there is no need for you to play all these games. Some of the online casino agents do provide free tips about which are the easiest-to-win slot games for the week. Just play those hot games in demand in order to win big.

Free Download On Android Apk And Ios

Most players gamble online on mobile devices nowadays. For the sake of convenience, people would rather bet on smartphones than PCs as they can play slot games anywhere anytime they want. Hence, mobile version is far more important than you can imagine.
The good news is, 918KISS is available on two of the major mobile operating system in Malaysia – Android APK and iOS. Moreover, it’s 100% free to download its game application on mobile devices. With several easy steps completed, you may then play its exciting mobile slot games on smartphones.
Some players would worry about the safety and security of having downloaded these mobile game application. Backed by its professional IT specialist team, its mobile game application has been scrutinized as one of the safest online slot game application in Malaysia. Its high internet security with solid firewall protocol has helped to block any virus or malware from entering your mobile devices.

Possible To Hack 918Kiss With Third-Party Hacking Devices?

For such a long time, people have been talking about the loopholes for hacking SCR888 slot games. Anyway, it remains as great rumours as no evidence has been found for such conspiracy thus far. How about the new 918KISS?
I would say its online betting system is now even safer compared to the older version. Newer technology with higher system security, it’s pretty hard for you to break through its security protocol. Nevertheless, there would be weakness is almost everything in the world. We still believe somebody would possibly come out with magical devices that can probably hack its slot games for quick profits. Before that happens, we are still betting with 918KISS on a fair and transparent basis.